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How Hair Extensions Can Grow Your Business as a Hairstylist or Barber

How Extensions Can Grow Your Business as a Hairstylist or Barber

The hair and beauty industry is experiencing phenomenal changes. Hair extension business has become one of the main income streams for hairstylists and barbers. 
As a business owner in this sector, you must introduce new products and services to increase your clientele and revenue streams. High-quality services should be the foundation of your mobile salon business.

Invest in Yourself

First, you need to invest in yourself. Consider increasing your knowledge of hair extensions by joining a college for a certificate course. Or you think of becoming a at-home hair stylist or barber.
The training will equip you with knowledge and skill in applying, coloring, cutting, and styling hair extensions on your clients. You’ll be equipped to advise your clients on how to take care of their hair extensions and acquire information about the products to use, such as shampoos and moisturizers, how often to brush their hair, and when to change their extensions.
You’ll also get adequate information on what works best for different clients, including how to choose hair extensions for your customers. Continuous education is critical to hairstylists and barbers to keep up with the changing hair extensions sector

Hair extensions for auburn hair
At-home hair extensions example

Make clear what your Clients will Gain

Hair extensions add color, volume, fullness and length to your clients. They offer clients an opportunity to increase their hair length and a broad range of hairstyles. The different styles that can match different occasions and outfits. They present unlimited opportunities on how to style your client’s hair.

Market your Hair Extensions Business

As you start this additional income stream in your business, you need to partner with a premium quality hair extension brand to ensure your clients get exceptional services.
You need to market your hair extension services to your target clients. By creating a website, you will drive traffic to your site through high-quality content and increase your sales. You can also link your site to social media to attract more clientele. Effective marketing can go a great length at growing your mobile salon business.

Target Clients

Hair extensions are ideal for women experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, hair breakage and those looking at changing their hair color. They are also ideal for aging women who desire to have a youthful look. Hair extensions are also an excellent solution for women undergoing hair loss because of different health conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

Don't wait, Introduce Hair Extensions Today

Besides being affordable, hair extensions are faster, easy to apply and have low maintenance. You can also offer hair extensions at home. If you’re looking at an additional way to boost income and grow your hairstylist and barber business, consider adding hair extensions to your list of services.

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