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covid-19 updates & content for mobile hairdressers

This page is meant to inform and keep you updated, mobile and at-home barbers and hairstylists, about the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on our business.

Reopening Plan & Processes of DashStylists > click here

Guidelines to mobile hairdressing in COVID-19 context click here

Latest news about Mobile hairstyling > click here

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Reopening Plan

Reopening Plan & Processes of​

With many customers feeling it is not completely safe to go to hair salons, mobile hairstylists and barbers face a huge opportunity. But this opportunity will be a real one only if we are able : 

1. to protect you, mobile hairstylists and barbers

2. to reassure the clients that the whole process is as safe as humanly possible


So at we propose the following measures that go far beyond what any other mobile beauty organization has proposed so far :


1. We propose that your wear the MOST PROTECTIVE GEAR in the industry

We recommend that you wear a full protective gear : hat, mask, gloves, gown and shoe covers. The best protection for YOU and YOUR CLIENT is to isolate one from another as much as your work allow it. This protection is meant to protect you, but it is also designed to make everybody feel more reassured and relaxed.

Here is a list of the type of items we strongly recommend :

  • Plastic head Cover Cap - Laboratories and Food Service Grade

  • 3-Ply face mask cover with earloops, protective for pollen, smoke, dust 

  • Medical Synthetic Vinyl Gloves - 4 mil - Stretch, Latex Free

  • Polyethylene aprons, tear resistant, extra long tie-backs

  • Industry grade Shoe & Boot Covers Waterproof Slip Resistant 


2. We will provide these protective gears for FREE

With shortages happening on these types of items, they are not always easy to purchase, and they are an additional cost.

That is the reason why we will provide them FOR FREE to hairstylists and barbers using (and having at least one confirmed booking).

Of course you can use your own protective gear, but if you want DashStylists to provide them, just shoot us an email and you can pick them up (by 10 full gear units) at our location.


3. Like the protective gear we will propose safety rules that go A STEP FURTHER  

You will find below the detailed rules DashStylists Team proposes to create the safest possible work environment for a mobile hairdresser.

We created this unique set of rules using the works of the most trustworthy organizations (CDC, Harvard University, Georgia State Board of Cosmetology …) and our fine knowledge of this specific job.

Make sure to follow and obtain the BARBICIDE certification it is a really useful 10 min training course + a 5 min Quizz. And please send us your certification.

Obviously we have no right to force you or the clients to respect these rules, but believe us (and these organizations) everybody will benefit from their application.

Please reach out to us to tell us when you are ready to get back to work :

Guidelines COVID-19

Guidelines to mobile hairdressing in COVID-19 context

Hair salons and barber shops were among the first businesses allowed to reopen on April 24, in Georgia. At that time, the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology issued a Safety Guide for Reopening Barbers and Cosmetology Salons. These guidelines are meant for Salons and Barber shops so they only partially apply to your mobile kind of business.

That is why our team has created this unique set of rules using the works of the most trustworthy organizations (CDC, Harvard University, Georgia State Board of Cosmetology …) and our fine knowledge of this specific job.


This document has been designed as a practical handbook to help you get back to or start your mobile hairstylist/barber business in COVID-19 environment.

Obviously we can not force you or the clients to abide by these rules, but believe us (and these organizations) everybody will greatly benefit from their application.

As of now this content is relevant only in the State of Georgia.

1. Practice daily checks and sanitation routine

  • Check your temperature every morning before starting working (and in front of clients before starting service). 

    • If temperature is above 99°F stay home and don’t go out until you have no fever or any evidence of COVID-19 symptoms

  • Wash hands with soap for 30 seconds regularly before/after interacting with clients, eating, smoking, using the restrooms …

    • Hands should also be washed thoroughly after gloves for any service. Hand sanitizer can be used in between hand washings, with recommended available at points of client contact. 

  • Every morning, and between each client, disinfect all tools 

    • You may want to do that in front of the client

    • Use disinfectants that are EPA registered

  • Hairstylists/ Barbers should shower and wear clean clothing every morning before starting working

    • Hairstylists / Barbers should change clothes before entering their homes when they return from work. 

2. When you arrive, reassure & make sure everyone feels comfortable

  • At the front door, hairstylist and client should check their temperatures in front of each other, everyone using their own thermometer

  • Wash or sanitize your hands and ask your client to do the same

    • You should provide hand sanitizer or sanitization wipes to client if needed

  • Each client and stylist must show no symptom - answer the following questions: 

    • Have you had a cough ?

    • Have you had a fever ?

    • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days ?

    • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined ?

  • If you (or the client) are unable to answer NO to these questions, you may consider rescheduling

3. Make sure the work environment will be safe

  • Before getting back to business, make sur you follow and obtain the BARBICIDE COVID-19 certification on their website, it is a really useful training course + a short quizz

  • Limit people in the room : it should be only the client and you

  • Weather and amenities permitting, you want to consider servicing your clients outdoor : 

    • deck, porch, balcony, garden …

  • Prepare your work area : wipe down all seats and tables

  • You should offer protective neck strips and a disposable cape (throw it away at the end of the service)

  • If blow-dry is needed, run the dryer on high heat for 30 seconds to clear any possible pathogens before using

  • Avoid touching door handles (let the client open the doors if needed) and other surfaces that are regularly touched.

    • it also means avoid going to bathroom at client's place

  • Minimize to the greatest degree possible, up-close, direct face-to-face contact with clients

  • Your phone (as other personal items) should never be handled during a service

4. Wear FULL protective gear

  • We strongly recommend to wear full personal protective gear (PPG) : head cover, face mask, gown , gloves, shoes covers. 

    • You may consider wearing face shields on top of face mask when servicing clients, but it might feel awkward

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory : Hairstylists / Barbers are required to wear masks at all times

    • You may suggest to clients to wear face masks as well

  • PPG and all other equipments used to service clients must be :

    • either disposal and then thrown away after each service 

    • or non disposable and changed between each client - non disposable items must be discarded in a closed container until cleaning and disinfecting

News and info

News and valuable info about mobile styling


Latest (and useful) News :

California Governor authorizes Outdoor Beauty Services (American Salon : 07/21/2020)

After ordering a new shutdown of indoor businesses last week, just a few days ago the Governor of California authorization beauty salons to service their customers outdoor. Hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, massage parlors and other beauty services will be able to move their services outdoors.

The guidelines for hair salons includes : 

  • Employees and customers have to wear masks during the whole process

  • the check in of customers must take place outdoor 

  • No chemical services or shampooing

  • No physical contact is allowed (handshakes, hugs, greetings)

Getting a haircut: a medium to high risk activity (NPR - 05/23/2020)

Another interesting article presenting an estimation of risks practicing some very common social activities. The journalists interviewed a panel of experts, among which Dr. Andrew Janowski (pediatric infectious diseases expert at Washington University) and Dr. Abraar Karan (physician and public health researcher at Harvard Medical School).

Going to Hair Salon is considered as a "Medium Risk activity" (Business Insider - 05/20/2020)

In an article of, Dr. Susan Hassig (associate professor of epidemiology at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans) estimates the risks regarding COVID-19 of everyday life activities : going to the restaurant, large or small gatherings with friends and family, hiking ... 

And it turns out that going to hair salon is a pretty risky activity "COVID-wise", just like gyms or restaurants (indoors).

Valuable information from reliable sources :

A staple, the OSHA (Department of Labor) guidance to prepare workplaces to COVID-19:

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