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why becoming a mobile barber or hairdresser with DashStylists

Do your job differently


Booth rents or commission fees are too high in hair salons ?

Tired of spending hours in the salon waiting for customers ?

Want more flexibility and freedom in your lifestyle ?

Willing to earn extra money ? If you want to estimate what sort of compensation / revenue you can expect see this page

Make extra money on your own terms


With the flexibility of your own schedule (outside salons opening hours or while the traffic is low in the salon)

Define your services and your prices 

Choose the area you want to work in

No risk, no constraint


No flat fee : 

  • Registration is free

  • No membership fees

  • No monthly fees

No risk : you only pay for our commission when you get paid

You keep almost all your earnings, DashStylists takes a small fee

After reading all that, you may consider join the first community of mobile stylists in the South of the US. 

Listing of mobile hair stylists - damier
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