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Working with DashStylists - FAQ


So you are considering becoming a mobile barber, hair stylist or nail tech with, and you have questions. You are not the first one, here are the most commonly asked questions we have received since the beginning of DashStylists in August 2021. 

If you don't find the right answers here, please shoot us an email at

How do I get published on ?

We definitely suggest to start by reading this page, it contains almost everything you need to know to work with us.

If you like what you read, create an account and a profile here : (it takes about 15 min)

Once your profile is completed, we will review it and let you know if changes need to be made.

Then you will receive a confirmation by email that you will need to respond to. And ... that's it.

How does it work with customers ? How do they book services with you ?

Once your account is created and your services are published, customers can see your profile and the services you offer on 

Potential customers browse the services and the profiles of stylists in their area, they can contact us for details or questions and they can directly book your services on the website, based on your availability. 

If the customer decides to book with you, they pay when they book online, we validate and hold the payment for you.

If there is a change on your side or on the customer's side, you can reschedule the appointment (you can do this by messaging the customer from your account on DashStylists). Just keep us posted once you have agreed on a new time/date. But, please keep in mind that you can't turn down a booking that fits your settings (availability, area of service).

Once the appointment is completed, the payment is processed and you usually receive the payment in 2-3 business days.

How do you know you have got a booking ?

When a customer book a service with you, you receive a text message and an email with the details of the booking and a link.

Click on the link and confirm you have received the appointment as soon as you can, we need to make sure you have well received the appointment details.

Who will be your customers ?

Primarily people who will book appointments on are people who really need to have their hair done at home : seniors, persons with disability, people in wheelchair or bedridden, families with young children...

As a mobile stylist your at-home services will be a true life saver for people in your neighborhood.

With DashStylists you set up your own prices, here is how 

To help you create your services, we have designed templates for you. These templates include titles, descriptions and prices for the beauty services. Please remember these templates are only indicative, we strongly encourage you to customize them, especially the prices.

The prices you choose must be all inclusive (besides the tips). So they have to include every cost you can think of, like a traveling fee. This way the price is clear and transparent for the customer, so it makes the booking decision easier.

If you need to add options or additional services that can be booked along a main service, you can create "upgrades". Ex : a customer books a men’s haircut (main service) and adds a beard trim (additional service), but he couldn’t book a beard trom alone.

To define your prices, take a look on DashStylists at the prices the 4 or 5 stylists around you are offering. You don't have to be in the same range, but you still want to be coherent with the prices around you.

How much will DashStylists charge ? What are the fees ? is a network of mobile beauticians, that has been designed to give an opportunity to stylists to make more money on their own conditions. So we decided to limit the stylists' fee to 22%, on what they charge (fees as of January 2024 - ask for update to

And there is no fee on the tips customers may give you.

Example : If your price is $70 for a women's haircut & style, you keep $54.6, and DashStylists keeps $15.4.

Reminder : Signing up for DashStylists is free. No monthly fee or subscription charge whatsoever.

How and when do I get paid after an appointment ? 

You get paid after each appointment.

When customers request an appointment with you on, we check and record their credit card information. Once you accept the appointment, we collect the payment and we hold it for you (technically it is held by Stripe, the payment company).

Once you have completed the appointment, the payment is automatically processed and you receive the payout usually within 4 business days.

Why does it take so long to get paid ?

Regarding our commitment to customers, we can't process the payment before we are sure the service has been 100% completed.

Once it is done, the delay is the usual delay of a wire transfer between 2 banks : 2-3 business days. And they usually dont process during the week-ends, so if your appointment is a Thursday or a Friday, you may add 2 days to the delay.

What is the relationship between a stylist and ? Will I get a 1099 ?

To put it simply it is essentially a partnership, you are neither a contractor nor an employee of DashStylists. DashStylists is a network and a platform, and you decide to sign up for it (also you can pause your profile whenever you wish).

When you sign up for DashStylists, you decide the prices of you services, your schedule, the locations where you work in and the revenues are yours.

Essentially DashStylists does 2 things for you : 

- we advertise for you to potential customers by promoting mobile hair services in your area ;

- and we have the role of a trusted third-party between you and the customers, especially with the payment.

Then no, we don't deliver 1099.

Can I make a living doing mobile styling only ?

About making a living doing mobile styling, honestly it is currently very unlikely. Not impossible though. Where we started, in Georgia, there are a few stylists doing only that and making a good income, but it takes time to build your clientele.

In an urban area, after a few months stylists doing well with DashStylists do 15 - 20 appointments / month.

How can I attract more customers and get more
appointments ?

Usually here is what we recommend : 

- A short but sharp description of who you are.

- A radius of at least 10 miles 

- A good picture of yourself and many pictures of customers and haircuts / hairstyles

- A wide (as wide as you want) range of services

- Reasonable prices compared to other stylists in your area

- A decent availability (more than 3 days a week, available timeframes of at least 3-4 hours)

- Good communication skills with customers : promptly reply to their messages, flexible with the schedule, relevant and precise answers

Why don't I get bookings ?

Obviously there may be several causes. But from experience we recommend to check these points : 

- Is your availability wide enough ? Under 2 days a week (with at least 6 hours each day) it is usually difficult to get bookings.

- Is your range of services wide enough ? We will state the obvious here : the more services you offer, the more types of customers you will attract. We have had stylists offering only a few women's services, this is usually too narrow to make customers pick you.

- Check if your prices are in the range of the 4 or 5 closest stylists around you.

After these checks, please contact us and we will analyse the situation together. But please keep in mind that the services we are offering together is a new service, and we are building all that almost from the ground up.

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