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You are considering becoming a mobile barber or stylist with DashStylists.com, and you have questions. You are not the first one, here are the most common questions we have received since the beginning of DashStylists in July 2020. 

If you don't find here the right answers, please shoot us an email > pro@dashstylists.com

How does it work with customers ? How do they book services with you ?

Once your account is created and your services are published, customers can see your profile and the services you offer on DashStylists. 

Potential customers browse the services and the profiles of stylists in their area, they can contact you for details or questions or they can directly book your services on the website, based on your availability. 

If the customer decides book with you, they pay when they book online, we validate and hold the payment for you.

Then you receive an email with the details of the booking and a link to your account, click on the link and once in your account, you have to confirm the appointment.

If there is a change on your side or on the customer's side you can reschedule the appointment (you can message the customer from your account on DashStylists). Just keep us posted once you have agreed on a new time/date.

Once the appointment is completed, the payment is processed and you usually receive the payment in 2-3 business days.

How much willDashStylists charge ? What are the fees ?

DashStylists.com is a network of mobile barbers and mobile hairstylists, that has been designed to give an opportunity to stylists to make more money on their own conditions. In order to make it worth it for stylists we decided to split the cost between stylists and users of the network.

So customers pay a 10% fee to book a service and stylists pay 10% on what they charge.

Example : If you charge $70 for a women's haircut & style, when a customer book an appointment she will pay $77. Breakdown of the $77 :

- $7 paid by the customer to DashStylists

- $7 paid by you to DashStylists

- $63 for you

That is it, signing up for DashStylists is free.And there is no fee on the tips customers may give you.

How and when do I get paid after an appointment ? 

When you create your account, you enter your bank account information to get paid.

When customers request an appointment with you on DashStylists.com, we check and record their credit card information. Once you accept the appointment, we collect the payment and we hold it for you (technically it is held by Stripe, the banking company that manages the payments).

Once you have completed the appointment, the payment is automatically processed and you receive the payout usually within 2-3 business days.

How can I attract more customers and get more appointments ?

Usually here is what we recommend : 

- A good but short description of who you are.

- Good picture of yourself and several pictures of customers and haircuts / hairstyles

- A wide (as wide as you can) range of services

- Average prices

- A decent availability (more than 3 days a week, available timeframes of at least 3-4 hours)

- Good communication skills with customers : promptly reply to their messages, flexible with the schedule, relevant and precise answers

Can I make a living doing mobile styling only ?

About making a living doing mobile styling, honestly it is now very unlikely. Not impossible though, where we started in Georgia, there are a few stylists doing only that and making a good income, but it is very rare.

In Atlanta, stylists doing the most appointments with DashStylists after 2 or 3 months do 15 - 20 appointments / month.


What is the relationship between a stylist and DashStylists.com

To put it simply it is essentially a partnership, you are neither a contractor nor an employee of DashStylists. DashStylists is a network and you decide to be a member of it or not, and you can pause your profile whenever you wish.

When you sign up for DashStylists, you decide the prices of you services, your schedule, the locations where you work in and the revenues are yours.

Essentially DashStylists does 2 things for you : 

- we advertise for you to potential customers by promoting mobile hair services in your area ;

- and we have the role of a trusted third-party between you and the customers, especially with the payment

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