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What does a typical day look like for a mobile barber ?

You may have asked yourself what does a mobile beautician do everyday ? Or what is a typical day for a mobile hairdresser. Being a mobile stylist comes with many different benefits. One of those being the flexibility, every day can be different or look pretty much the same, it depends only on yourself. A day in this life can look different depending on that particular day, but most days go a little similar to this.

As a Mobile barber or a mobile hair stylist you are in charge of your schedule, starting each day or week for that matter with a plan/ schedule for all your appointments will help keep you organized and your day/ week going much smoother. Having a planner or physical calendar can be useful for this or there are plenty of applications on your phone which you can use also. Let's go !

Today is pretty busy day, you have 4 clients, one at 7:30am, two at noon and one more at 4pm. You should have your mobile kit which consists of all the tools, styling products and sanitation items you may need for the day clean ready and organized either the night before or morning of.

  • 7:30AM : The first appointment of the day is at 7:30am so having your kit prepped the night before will help greatly. Also you may not have time for breakfast before hand but the second client isn't until 12pm so that should give you time to grab something in between. You will need to know how far apart these appointments are so you can plan how much travel time you need in between. You have your kit ready, and you may want to check the type of services you will be providing, the kit might be slightly different if you have only haircuts scheduled, a straightening or a straight-razor cut. You know the address and the appointment has been confirmed so off you go to start your day. You arrive at your first client location, perform that service to their satisfaction, clean your area and tools throughly before you leave and get ready to prep for the next appointment.

  • 9:30AM : Given you have some free time now you can grab breakfast, coffee or more coffee (lol), if you have any emails or texts messages from clients to respond to now is the time you can do that as well as running any quick errands ex. post office and such. It is almost time for the next appointments so prepare to do it all over again.

  • 12PM : You arrive at the second location, service the two clients , gather your things and get ready for your last client of the day. Because there were two clients instead of one you may not have much time before the next client. We always want to try to provide great customer service and being punctual is part of that so it maybe a good idea to head to your next client if it that means being a little early and waiting in your vehicle until the appointment time.

  • 4PM : When appointment time comes head in the location, perform the service and get ready to head home. You are done for the day, time to go home, have dinner, relax and plan for the upcoming days ahead.

Some days you will have one client others you may have eight. Getting a good routine and remaining focused on delivering great results along with great customer service will make be a mobile stylist both a fun and fulfilling work.

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