"Make extra money on your own terms"

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what we do

DashStylists connects mobile barbers and mobile hair stylists to customers who need or prefer hair services at home

We provide conveniency to customers and help hairdressers to make more money on their own terms


You choose the hair services you want to provide, your prices and your own schedule

As a marketplace, DashStylists is a great connection point between you and potential customers

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listen to them

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"I cut and style hair when and where I want

You define your own schedule

You define the area where you want to work in

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"DashStylists it's extra money for me

DashStylists brings new customers you can style asides salon hours or during the weekend 

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"Set up your prices and keep 90% of the fares

You list only the services you want to perform, you choose your prices and you keep most of the revenue


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